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Veterans Forum is growing!

Veterans Forum started in August 2002, being taped by West Sound Community TV and being aired on Bremerton Kitsap TV. Those early years CDR Bob Gardner of American Legion Post 30 would faithfully open the doors to the Post to allow WSCTV and I in to tape VF Programs! When I had the opportunity to interview the award winning author/screenwriter of The Last Detail & Cinderella Liberty, (former Sailor) Darryl Poniscan, 4 years ago at the Bainbridge Island TV Studio; I was convinced by its Executive Director to continue taping VF at BITV. Now, I was in a  real studio! The folks on BI Veterans Forum could watch VF and it received a very good response.

During the years Veterans Forum grew from Bremerton Kitsap & North Mason Co, to BI, Jefferson Co, Yakima Co, Pierce, King, Snohomish and Clark Counties. Veterans Forum & the recent Veterans Forum Magazine reach Two Million Cable  Subscribers!

Please understand, that while I produce and host Veterans Forum, I HAVE NO  CONTROL when individual studio's air VF or VF Magazine! Each PEG Channel is very different from the others, so they are not merely carbon copies of each  other; there is NO continuity of policy between them. You can click on the TV Station Link on the left side of this page and check their schedule. If you don't see VF, hit the  link to 'Contact Us' and get their phone number, so you may call & ask when VF &  VFM will be on.


PJ Scott
Mission Statement


Two monthly TV Program for Military Veterans!

1)To inform & encourage Veterans to use their earned Veterans Benefits.
2)To encourage & promote Veterans to join a VSO.
3) To allow Vets to share their memories of their Military Experience.

First Gentleman of Washington: MikeGregoire
(A Former Army Officer in Vietnam)

Host: PJ Scott (Veterans Forum)

TV Stations
Bremerton Kitsap TV - BKAT -Channels 3 & 12
Bainbridge Island TV - BITV - Ch 12
Yakima Community TV - YCTV - Ch 12
Port Townsend TV - PTTV - Ch 97
Seattle Community Network TV -SCAN-TV - 29 & 77
Fort Vancouver TV - FVTV - Ch 11
Community Minded TV (Spokane) -CMTV - 14
Kelso Longview TV - KLTV - 29
Capitol Community TV (Salem, OR) -CCTV - 21
Comcast Eagles TV (Gray's Harbor) -CETV - 26
Charter Community TV - (Tri-Cities) -CCTV - Ch 99

2006 Best of the Northwest Video Awards
Empowerment - Veterans' Forum -Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - P.J. Scott


Colonel Monaco with
Patriot Outreach

'Patriot Outreach' mission is to reduce the suicide rate of our Military & Vets. Please visit the Patriot Outreach Web Site and take a look at their free "Coping Strategies" CD for Warriors & Family Members.

According to a Veterans Administration Web Site, 18 Vets commit suicide every day! The repeated tours of Combat increases the # of PTSD causing more suicides.

Dr. Bridget C. Cantrell, a PTSD Expert, has written Books that help Active Duty Military, their families and Veterans with the challenges of deployment, re-integration, family issues, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Combat Operational Stress (COS), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and much more.

Dr. Bridget C. Cantrell is the author of three outstanding books:
1) Down Range to Iraq and Back.
2) Once a Warrior: Wired for Life.
3) Souls Under Siege: The Effects of Multiple Troop Deployments and How to Weather the Storm.

Go to Dr Cantrell's Non-Profit Web Page Site to check out these Books.

National Suicide Hotline
Military & Vets Press