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PJ Scott

February 28, 2012

To the local Cable TV Stations Managers, through-out WA, OR, ID, AK, CA & MT that air Veterans Forum in their Communities & to all Veterans Forum Fans:

After producing a new VF program each & every month for nearly 10 years and a second Veterans Forum Program for the last 4 years, a reminder that Veterans Forum is on hiatus. As mentioned in the previous TV Station letter that was mailed in November with the VF programming for December & January. It is hoped that Veterans Forum will begin sending programs by May. Feel free to air previous programming until then.



This months Veterans Forum Program Announcement:
Veterans Forum Programs YOU can see at!

Current as of 11 September 2011 YouTube VF/M Programs.

1) Charlotte Woods - WWII POW Child
2) Dr Mark Russell, CDR, USN - PTSD Diagnosis & Treatment - First Prize -Empowerment Talk Show by The Alliance of Community Media - NW
3) Author & Screen Writer - Darryl Ponicson - USN Vet A new book, Last Flag Flying, about the characters in The Last Detail
4)Dr Bridget Cantrell - PTSD addressed how PTSD affects children in the family
5)Frank Albin - Purple Heart The Korean War
6)CAPT USN Ret & State Congressman Larry Seaquist - Plans for Peace
7)Bruce Hallett - Navy Sailor WWII Action in the Pacific
8)Elizabeth & Vince - San Joaquin Valley Vets Helping New Vet make the Transition
9)Bob Gardner - Navy Army Guard WWII with Jim & Ernie Schramm
10)Jackie, Navy-Korean War, Ruth, Army-WWII & Issy, Army Band, between WWII & Korean War Mothers Day Women Vets
11)Civil War Re-enactors - The Confederates
12)Civil War Re-actors - The Union
13)Stan Everett & Friends American Ex-Prisoners of War
14)Teddy Roosevelt Spanish American War Vet
15)VietNam Vets & Agent Orange
16)Army Col Anthony Monaco Preventing PTSD Suicide!
17)WWII - The 4 Chaplains & the Sinking of the Dorchester
18)Women Vets of WWII

PJ Scott

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