Veterans Forum Magazine

Pictured with Host PJ Scott on the new spin-off 'Veterans Forum Magazine' is American Legionnaire, CDR Roth Hafer who is the Chairman of the Kitsap County Veterans Advisory Board. Veterans Forum Magazine made its debut in January 2008. PJ had a vision of Veterans Forum Magazine for many years. The VF Magazine gives guests from different Veteran related organizations time to inform Veterans of their various Programs in a 5 - 8 minute segment. The Magazine usually has 3 to 4 guests addressing various issues aimed for the benefit of Veterans. If the Veteran decides to pursue a particular topic, they can go to the web or call the organization concerned to obtain more information. The Magazine also reports the lastest news in regard to Veterans benefits and issues.


Veterans Forum Magazine (Non Profit) 2008


P.J. Scott (center) smiles as a crew member affixes a microphone to her collar prior to a taping of Veterans Forum.